Marking Eight Months Since Morgan Disappeared

The parents of Morgan Harrington returned to Charlottesville Thursday to visit the memorial for their daughter.

This is the eight-month anniversary of Morgan's disappearance.

The Virginia Tech student went missing after attending a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena in October.

Her body was found several months later in an isolated field in Albemarle County.

Her parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, say they are frustrated more information about the investigation into Morgan's death isn't being released.

"They want to tie this thing up so tight, that when they do make an arrest, there's no wiggle room," says Gil. "It's just a balancing act that I also, as a mother and a parent, want him caught."

The knowledge that whoever took Morgan may still be out there scares the Harringtons, and they say they're concerned that there have been few safety changes in the area. Such changes might include adding more security cameras outside JPJ and more closely monitoring camera footage.

"We have this here as a daily reminder to people who are crossing the bridge that something significant occurred here, and the [University of Virginia], Charlottesville and Albemarle need to know we aren't going away," says Dan. "This will be here for the next 20 years until Morgan gets an arrest."

The Harringtons also say more needs to be done to alert the Charlottesville community that there is a killer on the loose.