A Waynesboro EMT Dies in a Tragic Accident

A beloved Valley man, killed in an accident Friday afternoon.

It happened on Route 20 in Buckingham county. State police say the ambulance he was driving crossed the centerline and collided with an oncoming cement truck.

Medical technician Heath Davis, and patient, Howard Watson, were in the back of the ambulance. Davis is in stable condition.

The 82-year old patient died at the hospital. Also killed was the driver of the ambulance. Timothy Kyle Southern, age 21 was from Waynesboro.

He worked for priority ambulance and was driving the patient from UVA to a nursing home when the accident happened.

Many of Kyle Southern's co-workers and friends say that they were completely shocked to learn that of the tragic accident Friday afternoon.

They remember Kyle as someone who was always laughing and trying to make his friends smile.

Thomas Stevens grew up wth Kyle and also volunteered with his friend. He says Kyle was also good with his patients.
"They could be the sickest person he's ever seen and he'd do something to just put a smile on their face."

President of Waynesboro First Aid Crew Susan Sweet says, "Kyle was always laughing and he was the kind of person that if you were having a bad day he would tell you jokes until he got you to laugh.

Kyle has been volunteering at the Waynesboro First Aid Crew for about four years.

Friends say he was dedicated to helping others but he also had a fun side, and they say Kyle was also quite the prankster.

Kyle also helped compete in their junior EMT team where they took home first place in the state competition that year.

His co-workers are not just mourning the loss of a friend, but a part of their family

Zack Seachowski is a friend, and volunteers with Kyle. He says, "Since I moved to this area me and him started hanging out and he's been, ever since then he's been like a brother to me."