Anti-War Protest to be Held in Staunton

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Saturday marks exactly eight years since the war in Iraq began, and a group in Staunton is planning to mark the anniversary with a protest.

The Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice plans to gather outside the Augusta County Courthouse for the protest Saturday afternoon.

Members say they're concerned about the toll of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also worried about the possibility of military action in Libya.

On Thursday night, the United Nations approved a resolution that would allow the United States to conduct air strikes in Libya and enforce a no-fly zone.

Protesters say their main focus is the costs of war, both in dollars and lives.

"Everyone I know has loved ones in the military, including myself, I did, he is home now," says Elizabeth La Grua, who is organizing the protest. "But, you know, we lose our loved ones, and spend $20 billion a month, and what do we get for it? Nothing. Nothing."

The protest is slated to start Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m.