Arson Likely Cause of Stanley Forest Fire

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Details are emerging about the forest fire that ignited early Wednesday morning in Stanley.

Forestry officials say the fire in the Alshire Hollow area burned about six acres of land.

It's completely contained by midday and crews began their mop-up stage.

The Stanley Fire Department first received a call at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Forest officials say, due to the time of night the incident occurred and the number of fires that were lit, arson is the likely cause of it all.

Over the next several days, they'll be monitoring the area due to the possibility of ten to 12 mile per hour winds that could reignite the fires.

"They're talking about possible rain on Thursday or Friday, which will help us out a lot," explains Harold Fisher, who works for the Virginia of Department of Forestry. "If you don't get some rain, and you get the leaves when they are fluffy and fall off, then you can have fires."

Fisher also says the investigation into how the fire started is not over.

Due to low humidity, he said the fire could have been started by simply using a lighter on some leaves.