Augusta County Used Special Tools to Contain Brush Fire

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The brush fire that burned nearly 100 acres off Springhill Road Monday has been completely contained.

Augusta County firefighters used specialized equipment to reach the flames and put them out.

A brush truck and a six-wheel drive all terrain vehicle at Station 10 helped carry equipment and personnel through the dense woods to fight the fire.

Even when there is a forest fire, firefighters are still available to answer calls from the community.

"Usually the volunteers back up the career here and man the building," says Chris Markin, Assistant Chief of Volunteer Company 10. "Or like I said, we will go out and actually switch out so the career can come back and take care of their main duty which is serving Company 10, and getting apparatus out while we handle the special call for the need of the unit."

The brush unit is set up to perform back country rescues as well as fight fires.

Officials still have not determined the fire's initial cause.