Class for Parents Could Help Schools Combat Drug Use

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Police and school administrators say the sale and abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise among students, but much of the problem could be prevented with help from parents.

The Office on Youth and the SAW Coalition offer a free class on Tuesday nights for parents, teaching them what behaviors to look out for in their child and child's friends.

Organizers say their biggest challenge is getting parents to ignore the stigma of attending a so-called "parenting class."

"Making each of us a better parent doesn't mean that we were a bad parent in the first place. It just simply means that we should accept that everybody could grow and learn, everyday, and that's sort of the stance we take. We're not trying to solve you're issues specifically. We're not even trying to say you have issues, but we are trying to say that there is something out here that can help," says Sabrina Burress, of the SAW Coalition.

Staunton school administrators say they are doing all they can to combat the problem in school.

However, they really need parents to step up and learn how to monitor their children at home.