Experts Weigh in on Gilmore, GOP 2016 Presidential Candidates

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Charlottesville, V.a. Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is adding his name to the list of more than a dozen politicians, executives, and doctors running for president.

"The fact that you have to go through every time and recount is kind of a bizarre thing, and shows how many people are actually in the race," said Geoff Skelley, a political analyst with University of Virginia's Center for Politics.

Skelley says the 2016 Republican race has the highest number of legitimate candidates in modern electoral history. With so many presidential hopefuls entering the arena, how does a one-term governor like Gilmore stack up?

"Gilmore has some serious road blocks," Skelley said.

According to Skelley, the former governor doesn't have quite as high a profile as some other candidates, such as another man with Virginia ties, Donald Trump, or as deep pockets.

"The realities of the campaign trail and how much money you need to function may also force a few out fairly quickly," Skelley said.

Another problem is that the last time Gilmore was on the ballot, he lost to Mark Warner in the 2008 Senate race in Virginia by 31 percent.

"Gilmore lost badly, which would probably seem to indicate that he doesn't have a chance," Skelley said.

So why enter the race is the odds aren't in your favor? Skelley says Gilmore may be running to shed light on issues he thinks are important.

"Some do have a realistic understanding of their chances, and so they may just be getting into the race to say something," said Skelley. "So for Gilmore, he may have something to say about national security, about the economy."

Gilmore is not not the only Virginia politician with an uphill battle. According the Huffington Post, Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb is at one and two percent in the national polls, compared to Hillary Clinton who is at more than 50 percent.