Fighting Bullying with Army Help at Area School

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BRIDGEWATER, Va. (WHSV) -- A U.S. Army 18-wheeler parked outside of a Valley high school today to teach students about an important issue: bullying. The message came during Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

The tractor trailer from Fort Knox, Kentucky, drew in dozens of Rockingham County students at Turner Ashby High School. Inside the trailer, Sergeant first class Mike Wiggins spoke to the kids about the importance of speaking-out against bullying. This lesson heavily emphasized cyber-bullying, something Wiggins said keeps growing and spreading to younger students.

Wiggins, from the Army's Mobile Exhibit Company, said this lesson should continue beyond the classroom. "Teachers can say it, parents can say it, but when we come out there, I feel like [students] look up to us," Wiggins said. "They see us in a different light and we go up there and we show these videos that we have and we give our experiences of what we see," said Wiggins. "The kids get really interested in it."

Turner Ashby students will also wear orange next Wednesday for Unity Day, a message of standing together --against bullying.