Frost Affects Local Farmers

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PORT REPUBLIC, Va. (WHSV)-- We get frost in the area every year, normally between the second and third weeks of October, and farmers have learned to adapt.

Unfortunately, not all problems associated with frost can be completely overcome.

Local farmers say that they have learned a lot of different ways to deal with frost and colder temperatures over the years.

Frost can interact with certain grasses or legumes that can cause cattle to bloat, or in some cases even die.

They say this doesn't happen very often anymore but when it comes to grains and other plants that harvest late, it can still have a big impact.

"It will affect the bottom line in these soybeans and corn if it doesn't get to mature, even if it's not quite mature they will still get docked on the quality of grain that they harvest," said Steve Saufley, owner of Belleview Farm.

Frost can slow down and even completely stop the maturation of certain crops which affects farmer's every day lives.

As farmers with big open fields, sometimes they can only have a backup plan like using their crops for livestock feed.

For your plants at home, experts say you should cover them with bed sheets or blankets or try to heat the area with a small lamp.