How an E-Fairness Policy Could Impact You

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- When shopping online, do you pay attention to sales tax?

Some online retailers aren't charging sales tax on your purchases. Congress is discussing this very issue and they're looking into an e-fairness policy.

If you don't shop online, you maybe be wondering why you should care. If e-fairness is not approved, you could see a big price increase at the pump.

This means the price of the gas tax would increase by almost 50 percent in less than four months.

"You know, we have taxes and I don't want to see them go up no more than where it already is," said Joyce Rexrode, who lives in Harrisonburg.

Virginia is counting on this revenue to come from somewhere, whether it's from online or at the pump.

Harrisonburg's Downtown Renaissance 's Board of Directors has approved a solution for this problem, which would put online stores on an even playing field with more conventional stores.