Valley Immigrants Respond to Injunction

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV)-- Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrant children have been left empty-handed. On Feb. 18, they would've been able to start applying for legal protection under President Obama's executive actions. This is all due to an injunction signed off by a federal judge from Texas, which has put a stop to all immigration programs.

The White House says the President acted under legal authority while federal judge, Andrew S. Hanen, says the administration didn't follow the correct procedures for changing federal laws.

We spoke with a community leader who works alongside many immigrants in the Valley and says they will continue to fight.

"Well, the community feels frustrated, but at the same time this is a challenge for us, we need to fight it," said Kamilo Rivera. "We need to make calls. We need to make petitions. We need to show our faces in the street if we need it."

Texas Governor, Greg Abbot, filed the lawsuit to stop this move, along with 25 other states. He claims the President is ignoring the law and failing to secure the border. In a statement, the White House said the Justice Department would appeal the ruling.