Inspection Stickers, Cash Stolen From Valley Car Shop

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LURAY, Va. (WHSV) -- When Freeze's Towing and Automotive Owner Roger Freeze came to his shop on Saturday, June 27, he noticed a window had been shattered with a parking sign and a safe with all of his state inspection stickers was gone.

Freeze is not just facing a problem for business. The safe that was stolen from his shop also contained some cash and his social security information.

"Well fortunately I've been in business 44 years where is doesn't affect me as it would someone just starting out," Freeze said. "The money's not the big deal. It's the personal stuff, my social security stuff I'm more worried about that than anything."

The safe contained several hundred stickers, so even as Freeze worked today, he had to turn away customers because he can't do state inspections.

"Its the inconvenience of my customers maybe going somewhere else and getting a sticker," Freeze said. "It's an inconvenience for them too."

Police say that these stickers can be sold on the black market and it's also dangerous for an uninspected vehicle to be on the road with a valid inspection sticker.

Luray Police say that the whole incident is still under investigation, but for now, Freeze is just trying to run business as usual.