Joust Club Continues Tradition

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For years, a special group of sportsmen and women have been meeting at Natural Chimney Park on the third Saturday of June.

It's tradition for the Hall of Fame Jousting Tournament.

Not to be confused with the medieval sport where knights risked their lives

The event had the knights and maidens of all ages trying to grab rings of differing size with their lance.

Every year the competition inducts six new members into the National Jousting Hall of Fame.

President ex Officio Mona Banton says that the Medieval sport is responsible for what joust is now.

"This is the actual, oldest equestrian sport," she said.

"This sport was out before all the others. Before polo, before barrel racing or any of that. It's a fun sport. It's an inexpensive sport."

The national jousting competition will be held in October at Gilbert's Corner Regional Park in Aldie, Virginia.