Man Faces Felony Charge of Strangulation

The Waynesboro Police Department has charged an Augusta County man with the abduction and strangulation assault of his ex-girlfriend that occurred on September 29, 2012 at an apartment in the 700 block of King Ave.

Deputies from the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office arrested Brandon Douglas Wolfe, 23, on Oct. 6 at 12:50 pm. Police are charging Wolfe with two felonies and two misdemeanors that resulted from the assault on the 22-year-old victim.

On September 29 at 10:20 pm, officers responded to the apartment and found the victim with red marks on her neck. She told officers that Wolfe, whom she described as her ex-boyfriend, was at her apartment when the two got into an argument over a cell phone. According the victim, Wolfe grabbed her by the throat and began choking her to a point when she nearly lost consciousness. That was when, she said, she tried to escape him but he grabbed her by the hair and held a knife to her face preventing her from fleeing. After a second attempt to escape, she ran to a neighbor’s apartment and called for police. Wolfe left before officers arrived, but not before brandishing a knife at one of the victim’s neighbors, a 54 year old male, who came out of his apartment after hearing the disturbance.

Wolfe is facing a felony charge of strangulation, which is from a new law that went into effect on July 1, 2012. He is also facing a felony charge of abduction, two charges of assault and one charge of battery.

Wolfe is being held without bond at Middle River Regional Jail.