Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in the State

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STAUNTON, VA-- May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. It's a time for motorists and cyclists to be reminded to be aware and share the road. It also comes with some interesting facts Virginia riders.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, since 2011, for every male who gets his motorcycle license, two females get theirs. At the same time, motorcycle fatalities are down 33%. AAA Mid-Atlantic says these two things aren't a coincidence. Motorcycle injuries are at their lowest in four years. May is a time to remember to share the road, and for cyclists to make themselves known.

Here are some safety ideas from AAA Mid-Atlantic.

For motorists:

- Share the road.
- Use your mirrors correctly.
- Be aware.
- Anticipate a motorcycle's movement.
- Allow space.
- Keep calm.

For cyclists:

- Make yourself visible.
- Avoid blind spots of other motorists.
- Never share a lane with cars.
- Signal.
- Don't speed.
- Wear a helmet, eye protection, and other safety wear.
- Take a motorcycle class.

Many of these rules can be shared between motorists and cyclists.