NASA Hoping to Learn about Earth's Magnetosphere During New Mission

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- NASA is getting ready to launch a special mission.

The administration is hoping to learn more about the earth's magnetosphere, which could help protect you.

The rocket will launch at 10:44 on Thursday night and then four spacecraft will be deployed. Those spacecraft will be trying to capture measurements from the earth's magnetic sphere.

With this information, NASA scientists hope to learn how to protect people from solar storms.

Dr. Holly Gilbert explained why the storms can be a problem for us down on earth.

"They can interact with the Earth's magnetic field causing it to deform and twist and snap in this very powerful process which sends charged particles near the speed of light smashing into the Earth's atmosphere and it can cause beautiful effects like the aurora, but it can cause very negative effects like power outages," explained Gilbert.