Neighbor Fears for Neighborhood Children's Safety during Floods

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AUGUSTA COUNTY -- Flooding has been widespread across the Valley this week. One woman was concerned about the flooding and what that means for people's safety.

Donna Swink has lived in Stuarts Draft for 25 years. Every time it rains, she notices a problem from flooding in her neighborhood.

Swink lives across the street from a playground and a ballpark. She's worried about the safety of unsupervised children when it floods.

"It's terrible about these kids. When these kids are there, they're not paying attention to them. They really aren't," said Swink.

She said people built a bridge to cross over any flooding.

Swink said she spoke with police about keeping the road safe, but that so far, nothing has been done.

"It never has changed, actually. We've called and we've done things about it. We've had the police sit here."

Swink's worried about cars that drive too fast, especially during flooding. She's noticed flooding at her home and at her neighbors' homes nearly every time it rains.

"Most of the time, if this happens, it continues to do this. It will run, run, run and go all the way through."

She said flooding is widespread and she wants more done to make her neighborhood safe.

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