Neighbors React to the Largest Drug Bust in Shenandoah County

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WOODSTOCK, Va -- There are a lot of synthetic drug cases in the Valley right now, but this one may be the biggest so far. Deputies did confirm they made the largest synthetic drug bust ever in Shenandoah County last week.

All of the drugs seized were listed in a search warrant, which had three pages of illegal items.

Larry Walsh was arrested for having those drugs at his store and then released on bond. He is charged with having those illegal drugs with the intent to distribute. Other charges are still pending.

He is due in court next week.

Sheriff's deputies found more than a 1,000 containers of the synthetic drugs, bath salts and spice, along with about $190,000.

Neighbors, like Maxine McKinney, said they were shocked by the amount of synthetic drugs found at the store.

"That was the astounding part. The enormity of it," said McKinney.

She said she was not exactly surprised.

"There's been a lot of concern in this part of the community for a long time that there were some illicit, if not illegal things going on."

It is no surprise to David Rash either. He's the pastor at the church that's right across the street from the store that got busted for those drugs.

"We knew that something was happening here that wasn't to our liking," said Rash.

Rash said he often saw young men going in the B&L Discount House, but usually came out empty-handed.

"Adding it all up, it kind of makes sense."

Shenandoah County Chief Deputy Scott Proctor said he has seen some use of synthetic drugs in the county, but nothing to this extent.

"I know this is the biggest one we've had connected to these synthetic type drugs," said Proctor.

This was the biggest synthetic drug bust in the area and neighbors were glad it happened.

"We hope justice is done here and that something is done to make the community better here," said Rash.

"It's very concerning, very upsetting and obviously something we don't need," said McKinney.

Mckinney said she hoped the store would get shut down and the person behind it would be held accountable.

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