Paranormal Activity in the Caverns

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Twisted Paranormal Society Founder Lyle Lotts spends his workweek behind a desk, but on the weekends, his team looks for paranormal activity here in the Valley.

His team headed to Grottoes' Grand Caverns back in April to search the caves. They said they found noises, flashing lights and orbs.

Lotts said he was skeptical when he started ghost hunting, but the evidence is in.

“It's really a thing of whether you think you're going to get something or not,” said Lotts. “We don't go in thinking we're going to get anything, but when you get that first piece of evidence, it's like, wow.”

Lotts' team investigated the caverns because it dates back to before the Civil War. The caverns' founder discovered the caves 1806. That means there are hundreds of years of history in Grottoes.

Barbra Loflin is a cavern staff member and she said that history brings visitors to the caves.

“It's extremely important,” said Loflin. “Some people, you know, the Civil War is a very big issue for some, so it is a very important to a lot of people.”

Lotts said hunting ghosts is an adrenaline rush.

“When you start hearing things at a location or possibly even see something, you really gets your blood going, and you really get excited as to what you're going to go back and find,” said Lotts.

That evidence motivates the team to find more places haunted by paranormal activity.

“When you catch your first piece of evidence, that adrenaline rush, it keeps you going. Wants you to keep doing more.”

The next project for the paranormal activity team is a lunatic asylum in West Virginia.

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