Pilot Who First Responded to Plane Crash Returns

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV)-- The terrain of the remote area where the plane crash occurred is a dense forest. Pilot Nolan Dean took WHSV back to the site of the board of the same plane used to help lead the rescue several days ago.

Dean wound up for another day in the skies, retracing his steps to the same ones made the night of the accident. He was one of the first responders, lending a hand to the rescue.

The plane crash sent one person to the hospital, and airlifted another to UVA Medical Center.

"If you are in that condition... alive... and someone is circling... at least you know someone is there," said Dean. "It gives you hope."

Dean says he will never forget the image; the tail of the plane still sticking straight up in the middle of the dense national forest.

"I want to show you how difficult this land is to navigate through... its such a thick.. dense.. wooded area..its very difficult to get to on foot," said Dean.

He says after going back to the site, that he was glad he was able to help save a life.

The National Transportation Safety Board hopes to have their preliminary report finished in the next five to 10 days.