Primary Election Day in West Virginia

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Despite the rain, voters came out to vote for candidates from the presidential elections to local elections like the county comissioner. It seemed like the most important thing to voters nationally, is still the economy.

"It doesn't seem to be improving. There's so many people out of work. And they just don't have the money to meet their needs," said Lucy Bodkin, a Pendleton County voter.

West Virginia residents made their way out to the polls Tuesday to select candidates who will represent local issues.

Support for coal companies was important to James Blizzard, Pendleton County resident.

"That's one of our biggest money makers, I guess as far as taxes are concerned, in West Virginia, is coal," said Blizzard.

Taxes are always a significant issue, especially for property owners.

For Paul Clayton, that is not the only concern.

"Property taxes and fair representation are probably the two biggest ones for me. Well I own a farm, taxes on it are important to me," said Clayton.

Polls closed at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening.