Schuppan and Schultz Murder Trial Enters Day Three

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LURAY, Va. (WHSV) -- Both George Schuppan and George Schultz are on trial for the murder of Page County woman Joy Schultz.

For a second straight day, the commonwealth is still presenting its case.

On Thursday, the commonwealth brought back the investigator who initially went through the Schultz's house. He also conducted a later search warrant of the home. Both searches happened during September 2014.

Some of the pictures submitted as evidence were of Schuppan's room, which had a book with instructions on how to make explosives and there was a wire made to be a strangulation device.

The commonwealth submitted physical evidence, including the mop in the basement and some of the guns found.

The investigator said that he misspoke Wednesday when testifying about the guns. They found 10 guns, and two were not loaded. On Wednesday, he said there were 12 guns total. Some of the guns submitted include a non-functional TEC-9 pistol, .22-caliber revolver, .44 Magnum and three cans of ammo.

Schultz chose to stay through the search.

The investigator testified that Schultz told him he called Joy several times when she went missing; however, phone records do not show those calls.

Both Schultz and Schuppan initially told investigators they were foster son and father, but they are biologically related.

While testifying, the investigator said they found a large number of non-human bones in the burn pile.

Schultz told the investigator that he and Joy had an argument over a Capital One account she opened, according to the investigator.

The trial is expected to last six days.