Shoney's Closes Two Valley Locations Monday

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SHENANDOAH VALLEY -- Several Shoney's restaurants are closed, including the Staunton and Harrisonburg locations.

Shoney's shut its doors Monday morning and more than 100 people woke up to find they're out of a job.

Store managers said they found out Sunday night the stores would be closed on Monday.

A vague sign on the door left customers wondering why. Regular customers said the parking lot is usually full and they were surprised by the closing.

Robbie Hartman went to the Shoney's in Harrisonburg on Monday, hoping to get a meal. He was disappointed when he found out it was closed, but he was concerned for the employees.

"That's going to affect a lot of people's families, because that runs them out of money. So I guess a lot of people are going to wake up mad this morning, real mad too," said Hartman.

Shoney's in Martinsburg, W.Va. and Hagerstown, Md. are also closed.

For now, the Shoney's in Waynesboro is open.

Corporate headquarters had no comment.