Sun's Magnetic Poles Flip, Part of Solar Cycle

The sun is our only primary source of energy and NASA scientists believe we are just about at the peak of the solar cycle.

This cycle happens every 11 years and certain changes happen to the sun during this time.

"The magnetic fields on the sun are re-organizing themselves in such a way that the north pole has become the south pole effectively, and the south pole is becoming the north pole. So it's a very strange phenomenon," said Holly Gilbert, who is a heliophysicist.

This reversal of the magnetic poles doesn't happen in a matter of hours, it happens over a long period of time.

NASA scientists said the sun has become more active over the last few months.

Sometimes the Earth can feel the effects of a more active sun, but not in our weather.

"When the sun blows out a huge solar storm, it impacts the earth's magnetic field. It can cause problems with satellites and cause power grids to go down," said Gilbert.

NASA scientists also said they can forecast when these solar storms may be dangerous for the earth.

The northern lights can be a beautiful effect of solar storms.

It's the larger solar storms that can cause problems with our technology.