The Possibility of Landslides in the Valley

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- Page County is worried about the chance of landslides and flooding.

They are one of a handful of counties to have a geologic survey to help emergency response to natural disasters.

In this map, the green areas show stable ground, while the red represents unstable areas. The red areas are where landslides and potential flooding can occur in heavy rain events.

Scott Eaton, one of the geologists who is working on the survey, said the area doesn't have the deep fast moving landslides like Washington state. The big landslides in Virginia are further south and very slow moving.

Eaton said that although the threat for for big landslides here in the valley is low there is still a chance for smaller ones.

"There is potential for smaller landslides that occur somewhere in Virginia about every decade. There is very strong evidence in Page County, as is throughout this region, that these events have happened in the past and will happen in the future," said Eaton.

Larger landslides in this area would only happen every few thousand years, but if you are worried about landslides where you live, Eaton said you can contact a geologist about doing a survey for your property.