West Virginia Radio Station Offers Gun Prize to Listeners

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HARRISONBURG, Va. -- A West Virginia radio station is taking a stand for gun rights by offering one as a prize.

"We want to promote freedom, and protecting our rights and protecting our homes and not taking the constitutional right to bear arms away from the good guys," said WELD radio host Steve Davis.

Davis' radio show is giving away a rifle worth about $1,500 over the next couple weeks.

Many people in the area love the prize, but some don't agree.

Tamara Reives used to live in Iraq and was around guns all the time.

"It's a war zone, so we have to have guns," she said, but she doesn't like the idea of promoting them, especially as a mother.

"It's the prize, why would they give a machine gun as a prize? Why not something else?" said Reives.

Davis says it's to start a conversation.

"If Americans talk about it, the right thing's going to be done. If we just keep our mouths shut, that's when we get taken advantage of and get our rights taken away from us," said Davis.

Now that 'gun control' is in the spotlight, he says it's a perfect time for this contest.

"At the end of the day, we want to make a statement, we want to stand for something and we think this is the right thing to stand for," said Davis.

Listeners have to call in during the show to answer trivia questions to get that gun.

Davis says a background check would be required before giving the gun to the winner. The drawing is set for July 4th.