Augusta County Home Damaged During Car Accident

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A Staunton man is facing charges after he crashed a truck into a home at 1591 Parkersburg Turnpike in Augusta County Saturday morning.

According to Sgt. Michael Rosetti with the Virginia State Police, driver Giovanni Alvarez is charged with reckless driving.

Alvarez was injured in the accident but has since been treated and released from a local medical center.

Augusta County resident Darrell Breeden woke up Saturday morning and was heading across the street to check on his mother when he saw the accident.

"You see where he drove through their dining room, all their tables and stuff was upset, they busted the kerosene heater. It was a mess in that lady's house," Breeden said.

Rosetti said the house belonged to 102-year-old Bertha Bosserman, who was not injured in the accident.

Her home has been condemned and is not livable.

Breeden said the accident isn't the first along the turnpike.

"They really do need to do something about getting the speed limit enforced or take some kind of precaution about it," Breeden said. "It would really help."

The accident snapped an electric pole in half, wrecked the home's dining room and tore out a wall.

The house sits about six feet from the edge of the road.

Breeden said the turnpike's 45 mile per hour speed limit along the road should be even lower.

"It's been awful in traffic. No one slows down out here," Breeden said. They go 60, 70 miles per hour out here."

Rosetti said Alvarez was driving a 2004 Dodge pickup truck at the time of the accident.

Alvarez was driving 45 miles per hour, according to Rosetti.