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Decline of insects could cause natural catastrophe, study warns

Dog DNA testing takes off, and generates debate

Check your compass: The magnetic north pole is on the move

Diving into your DNA: How to choose a genetic health test

AP FACT CHECK: Global warming hasn't gone away despite cold

NASA astronaut talks about his space adventure

UN report on global warming carries life-or-death warning

EPA says a little radiation may be healthy

Early results boost hopes for historic gene editing attempt

NASA developing technology to fix satellites orbiting Earth

Scientists: 1st sighting of dolphin hybrid is no 'wholphin'

Water is buried beneath Martian landscape, study says

Many animals are shifting from day to night to avoid people

Gut check: Swallowed capsule could spot trouble, send alert

Italian researchers develop lighter, cheaper robotic hand

Government: Wild red wolf population could soon be wiped out

Pollution to products: CO2 competition enters final round

Space sports car now flying toward asteroid belt beyond Mars

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