Panda Dynasty Bringing Exclusive Treasure Hunt and Interactive Game to NFT Space

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 10:37 AM EDT

MIAMI, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Panda Dynasty is a collection of 8,888 wild pandas running on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection sold out in 24 hours and in the last month a half, the Panda Dynasty team has been full steam ahead as they work towards knocking out all the milestones within the roadmap. The Panda Dynasty is building a solid future for the project by creating an eight-episode comic series, making connections to deliver merchandise and the exciting Panda Dynasty Game which leads to the Treasure hunt.

The Panda Dynasty Treasure hunt is a main focus for the Panda Dynasty project. Panda Dynasty NFT holders will join in an exclusive treasure hunt by going on an adventure through the bamboo forest. X marks the spot, but holders must obtain a Panda Pass to proceed forward every step of the way. By obtaining eight Panda Passes, holders have a chance at the ultimate prize. The first eight to finish the hunt will be able to open the treasure chest.

To participate in the treasure hunt, you must own a Panda Dynasty NFT. This is your first Panda Pass because owning a Panda Dynasty NFT is the way in. There will be eight stops where you have a chance at earning a Panda Pass. Each Panda Pass will have a specific goal, implementing more utility into the project. The first eight people to collect all eight passes will be able to open the dynasty treasure. Panda Passes will be our equivalent of ways for the community to earn more.

The Treasure map is outlined in the eight steps below to cover how this will work.

Step 1. Panda Pass: Panda Dynasty NFT
Grab your ticket to proceed forward. By being a holder, the adventure begins.

Step 2. Panda Pass: Magical Pumpkin, October 31st
Obtain this pass to merge with your panda NFT for a matching pumpkin of your own. Only one color will win.

Step 3. Panda Pass: Washing Machine, November 10th 
We are ready to clean our accessories. Enter the washing machine for your accessory panda pass.

Step 4. Panda Pass: Background Accessory, November 10th 
Extract the accessory from your Panda NFT to create a panda pass.

Step 5. Panda Pass: Merchandise and Comics, November 15th
Thanks to clues discovered in the comics or the merch, players will unlock a special NFT that will help to open the treasure.

Step 6. Panda Pass: Time Machine, November 20th 
Eight hundred eighty-eight players will receive a seat in the time machine. But hurry; players must resolve the puzzle quickly to proceed forward.

Step 7. Panda Pass: Baby Panda, November 20th 
Launching the time machine, something young, sweet, and new appears — a baby panda.

Step 8. Panda Pass: Fiat Panda Car, December 25th 
Welcome lucky panda. If you have made it this far, you are in the top 8. Enter your Fiat Panda to collect your part of the treasure.

A percentage of the money the Panda Dynasty project makes from sales on the comics, merchandise, royalties from OpenSea sales, and any other revenue, will be put into a community wallet. From this Ethereum amount, panda holders will vote to define where they use this. It could be to fill the treasure chest, buy some pandas for the community, or invest in many other projects that can benefit the community.

"We are so excited for the Panda Dynasty community to participate in the upcoming treasure hunt," said Gabriel Mamou-Mani, founder of the Panda Dynasty project. "Our team has spent countless hours developing an interactive game that will expand on the Panda Dynasty universe and give all holders an opportunity to be part of this exclusive experience."

The allocation of money will be decided through the bamboo council. To be a part of the bamboo council, you must hold a Panda Dynasty NFT. The Panda Dynasty treasure will grow as everyone works their way through the map. The contents of the treasure will be suggested and voted on by the bamboo council.

The Panda Dynasty team is really excited to introduce all this utility to the community and hope that it entices others to join. The treasure hunt begins here.

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