Are Your Window Units Costing More Than a New HVAC?

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Sponsored - It’s important to stay cool in the summer while, at the same time, keeping your energy bill low. If your home runs solely on window AC units, you’ll end up spending more money overtime than if you invested in a new HVAC unit from Aire Serv of Central Shenandoah Valley. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to switch from window units to an all-in-one HVAC:

If You Live in a Large Home with Multiple Window AC Units

A new HVAC system might be a larger investment up front than a window unit, but it cools your entire house while reducing your total energy consumption. If you’ll need more than 3 window units, installing a new HVAC is more cost-effective.

The average price for a window unit ranges from $400-$1,700, and costs $40-$120 a month to run. Installing a new HVAC system ranges depending on the size of your home and the space available for your units, but once it’s installed, your energy bill will be less than if you’re relying on multiple window units. And as a bonus, it’s quieter and hidden from view!

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If You Live in a Hot Climate

Living where it’s hot and humid most of the year means constantly running your window AC units. Having multiple units isn’t as energy efficient as an HVAC system, especially when you’re pushing it to run overtime!

Even if you live in a more moderate climate, investing in a new HVAC could be more beneficial in the long run. An HVAC unit is controlled by a thermostat that regulates the temperature to your liking. This cuts down on wasted energy by only heating and cooling your home when needed.

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If Your Window AC Units are Outdated

Window AC units are already less energy-efficient than an all-inclusive HVAC unit, and they could be costing you even more money if they’re older or need frequent repairing.

On top of that, an older AC unit won’t filter air as well as a new HVAC, which is especially important if you or your family suffer from allergies. Window AC units don’t have an airtight seal, so you run the risk of letting out cool air while letting in irritating allergens. With an HVAC unit, your home’s indoor air is filtered properly to keep out contaminants.

To keep your family safe from allergens, getting a new HVAC system is the way to go. Our professional at Aire Serv of Central Shenandoah Valley at (540) 696-5394 can help you make the right choice.

Is it Time to Upgrade to a New HVAC Unit?

When making the decision to go with a window AC unit versus an HVAC unit, it’s important to weigh the costs. Depending on the size of your home, the climate you live in, and what temperature keeps you comfortable, the total cost for each will change. A complete system offers you and your family the most comfort while staying energy-efficient.

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