Eliminate Hot Spots In Your Home With These Tips!

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Common Problems Affecting Residential & Commercial HVAC Systems

When your residential or commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is giving you trouble, Aire Serv® is the name to have ready in your phone contact list for any future emergency, 24 / 7. We offer complete home comfort, indoor air quality, and commercial services including installation, repairs and maintenance.

Is your heating and cooling system underperforming, leaving your home or workplace uncomfortable? Is your air conditioner lacking energy efficiency and leaving you with expensive energy bills? Is your furnace becoming expensive and unreliable lately, needing frequent repairs? Aire Serv can diagnose your problem and offer solutions in a hurry. This page covers one common heating and cooling problem in particular: hot and cold spots.

Hot & Cold Spots in Your Home or Business

Hot and cold spots are typically caused by airflow or air circulation problems. Depending on the system and circumstances, one of these solutions is most effective:

  • Invest in a two-stage furnace – Standard single-speed furnaces are either running on “high” setting or off. Constant “on / off” cycling can produce cold spots and cold air blasts, and can be annoyingly noisy.
  • Upgrade to a variable speed blower – This enables the blower to run constantly—mostly on a low setting for energy efficiency—to better circulate conditioned air, either warm or cool.
  • Add a zoning system – A zoned heating and cooling system sections your home into climate zones that can each be set to separate temperatures—all controlled from a central thermostat. Conditioned air is then routed most effectively and efficiently with a system of dampers within the ductwork. Homeowners save energy and money in the long term, while keeping all areas at desired temperatures.
  • Duct sealing – Duct sealing dramatically reduces energy loss.
  • Add air registers – You can balance airflow through the home by adding supply or return air registers to rooms as needed.

Why Call Us? We’re Like EMTs for Your HVAC!

Our well-trained, licensed and experienced AC and heating technicians are climate experts, skilled in helping homeowners deal with specific local home comfort challenges such as humidity, extreme heat or cold, energy efficiency issues or indoor air quality problems. We also repair, replace, install, maintain or upgrade AC / heater systems for all kinds of weather.

When your home comfort system breaks down in a mid-summer heat wave or mid-winter deep freeze, we have your solution. When your commercial HVAC equipment needs repair but shutting down or interrupting your business spells disaster, Aire Serv will be right over.

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