Stay ahead of Storm Surges this Spring


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Surge Protection 101

If you’re a savvy electronics owner, you probably keep your desktop computer, home entertainment equipment and other sensitive devices plugged into a surge protector at all times. As you might already know, an ordinary power strip and one that provides surge protection are a world apart. Make sure the power strips you use aren’t just glorified extension cords, but that they actually protect against power surges.

The purpose of any surge protector is to defend appliances and electronics against sudden jolts of electricity that could shorten their lifespan or fry them completely in one fell swoop. The quick solution you might come up with is to simply equip every outlet with a surge protector and voilá: you’ve got makeshift surge protection for every electronic device in the house.

That’s one way to do it, but a more convenient, all-encompassing approach is to install a whole house surge protector at the breaker panel.

How to Protect Devices from Power Surges

A power surge can make your air conditioner stop working. The same way a lightning strike sends a jolt to the heart, a sudden surge of electricity carries thousands or tens of thousands of volts through your home’s wiring. This makes your electronics, appliances, and HVAC system vulnerable to the damaging effects of power surges. To protect these devices, follow these tips:

• Plug electricity-powered items into surge protectors: Remember, there’s a difference between ordinary power strips and those that provide surge protection. Make sure the ones you use aren’t just glorified extension cords but that they’re bonafide surge protectors.

• Install whole-house surge protection: This option safeguards the wiring throughout your home against the damaging effects of power surges. It shields everything from your central air conditioner to your computer’s hard drive from externally sourced power surges. As a bonus, whole-house surge protection also provides an internal safeguard.

Prepare Now for Summertime Power Surges

Installing whole-house surge protection and plugging devices into point-of-use surge protectors are the best ways to prevent tripped breakers and a broken air conditioner. Please contact Aire Serv® to learn more about the importance of surge protection, or to schedule a repair for your air conditioner that was recently damaged by a power surge.

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