Our People Make The Difference

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Western State Hospital

At Western State Hospital, mental health improvement equals job satisfaction. Our team cares deeply about the mental wellness of our patients. Teamwork is a top priority when it comes to patient care. We believe in the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of the individual and their potential to participate  in the development of a respectful treatment plan. This approach emphasizes the individual’s self-determination in achieving their highest level of functioning within the least restrictive environment consistent with their clinical condition and public safety requirements.

Matthew - 10 years at Western Sate

“I’ve worked many other places, but the teamwork dynamic here is different than anywhere else.

Because we have to rely on each other so much, you really do build some of the best relationships

with coworkers [more than anywhere else]. I can go and work with any group of people here and know

that we’re all on the same page and we’re all here to work and help each other out, and I truly

appreciate that.”

“My favorite thing about working here are the patients. I’ve worked in corrections before, not many success stories, but here they are all success stories.”

Natoya - 5 years at Western State

“Home really is where the heart is, and it definitely feels like home at Western State Hospital.

Most people know me by name. They are supportive, encouraging, and are always there

when I need them...coming to Western State isn’t just coming to work, its coming to do what I love.”

Bailey - 9 years at Western State

“Watching the major changes in the patients when they come in and they’re really sick… it’s a total transformation. The wellness stages are very rewarding to see”

Craig - 5 years at Western State

“Seeing everything come together [for them] and seeing the light come back into their eyes and

see them go back out into the community is really rewarding.”