1on1: Turkey, the Kurds, and President Trump

Thu Oct 10 18:11:06 PDT 2019

1on1: Turkey, the Kurds, and President Trump

Turkey began a planned military offensive into northeastern Syria on Wednesday. We have analysis on Turkey, the Kurds, and President Trump from David McQuilkin. He is a retired professor of political science at Bridgewater College.

Tim Kaine on Drug abuse

Senator Tim Kaine met virtually with the Northern Shenandoah Valley to talk about drug abuse. He states that COVID-19 has an impact on those struggling with drug abuse. He stated that some of the things that are meant to help actually trigger people who suffer from an addiction such as receiving stimulus checks.

Businesses can turn you away for not wearing a facemask

As a part of Northam's mask order, Virginia residents are supposed to wear masks when in certain indoor areas no exceptions. If residents refuse, restaurants and other public areas can refuse service.

Confederate Statues removed in Alexandria

Crews removed a confederate statue in historic old Alexandra earlier this morning. This comes after the 7th straight night of peaceful and violent protests in cities across the US. The statue was erected in 1889.

EMU to return to campus in the fall

Eastern Mennonite students will return to campus this fall, but with changes to learning and living on campus.

West Virginia COVID-19 cases

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) issued their morning update on the COVID-19 case total, there had been 2,017 confirmed cases across the Mountain State.

Northam addresses Virginia

In a press conference that primarily focused on the protests over George Floyd's death on Tuesday, Governor Ralph Northam announced that most of Virginia will move into Phase 2 of reopening this coming Friday, June 5.


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