BREAKING: House passes border funding bill

BREAKING: House passes border funding bill

Democrats gave the green light for a $4.5 billion border bill.

New-look Bull Run District

New-look Bull Run District

Augusta County leaders pick up solar panel talks again

The board talked about how to include solar in the comprehensive plan.

Queen City files lawsuit against former police officer

The city claims she needs to pay up for the cost of training her to become a cop.

East Market Street sees major summer development

If you've traveled on Route 33 in Harrisonburg this summer, you've probably noticed plenty of construction.

Local group organizes rally to spur discourse

Chanda McGuffin and Sharon Fitz, co-founders of RISE, hope people will come together in front of the Waynesboro City Council building to discuss the KKK fliers left around the city.

Virginia Attorney General calls for decriminalization of marijuana possession

WHSV's Chelsea Church went to the courts today to see how reform may impact the Valley.


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