Trump administration puts in place visa-blocking immigration policy

Tue Oct 15 20:46:40 PDT 2019

Trump administration puts in place visa-blocking immigration policy

The rule would not apply to asylum seekers or refugees, among a few other exemptions.

Caverns Reopen

Luray caverns have been shut down for almost three months due to COVID-19. All attractions will be open but instead of taking a tour from a tour guide, you can wander on your own through the caverns.

COVID-19 causes issues with the economy

The COVID-19 has had effects on the economy, causing difficulties across the country.

George Floyd Latest

Earlier today, a memorial service was headed for George Floyd. This brought people together in Minneapolis today. This was a day of full emotion, and mourning for the loss of George Floyd, mixed with relief for many members of the community.

Northam announces Richmond's Robert E. Lee statue will be removed

Governor Ralph Northam addressed the commonwealth on Thursday for his latest briefing amid both the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide civil unrest over the murder of George Floyd.

West Virginia attorney general announces lawsuit against Rite-Aid and Walgreens

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey says the two national companies turned a blind eye to alarming numbers of opioids distributed in West Virginia


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