FBI admits inaccurate numbers remain in hate crime data

Thu Dec 19 15:23:48 PST 2019

FBI admits inaccurate numbers remain in hate crime data

For more than two decades, local law enforcement agencies voluntarily provided information about their hate crime cases to the FBI for annual publication. The FBI, however, was legally required to report its numbers.

Watch WHSV's weather forecast

Watch WHSV's weather forecast

Rockingham County will hold summer day camp if Phase 2 begins

Rockingham County Parks and Recreation plans to hold its six-week day camp beginning on July 6.

Northam opens beaches for recreation

Northam announced that he will open beaches in our local area for recreation. Different lakes and beaches are following different guidelines.

Harrisonburg first responders to escort school buses for end-of-year convoy

To celebrate the end of the school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of Harrisonburg agencies are partnering up to host a convoy through school neighborhoods at the start of June.

Little league spring season canceled

Bridge water little league season will be canceled due to the pandemic. More updates later on.

Wearing a facemask causes worry for those in possession of a firearm

Augusta Sheriff Donald Smith states that calls are coming into the offices about the Northam's Mask order. People were concerned that they would be committing a felony by wearing the mask if in possession of a weapon, but Smith states why that is not the case.


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