Mon Feb 17 20:12:02 PST 2020

Elkton hires town manager

The town found its new town manager after a two month search.

Late Night Weather

Late Night Weather

More people could get help with unemployment

More people who filed for unemployment could get help. People can also file for the pandemic employment assistance program, this helps those who were not previously eligible.

Distilleries in the Commonwealth

Distilleries in the commonwealth can now ship up to 6 bottles of Liquor or two cases of low alcohol beverage products per person per month. The A-B-C also enacted as a permanent privilege for distilleries who live in Virginia.

Period Packages

A group of women in the valley is giving a helping hand during this troubled pandemic. Faith Shifflett began delivering feminine products to females in need. Now the group has expanded to deliver full meals to families.

Tracking Crime

In Augusta County, deputies are investigating several break-ins in several units. They are at the Staunton shelf storage facility. Arthur Johnson and Jeanette Champers broke into the units and stole several items.

Waynesboro Budget Update

With COVID-19, the financial portion will have an impact on local city budgets including Waynesboro. Officials state that they should see a glimpse of it by the end of the month.


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