Overnight forecast: February 19

Wed Feb 19 20:27:25 PST 2020

Overnight forecast: February 19

Overnight forecast: February 19

i81 Traffic Alert

VDOT plans to close a portion of I-81 south. State police are going to investigate a recent crash that happened in Rock bridge County

Late Night Weather 4/1/2020

Late Night Weather 4/1/2020

Panama Separation Due to COVID-19

In Panama, the separation of sexes is a way to combat COVID-19. Men can only leave the house one day of the week and women on the others. Sundays, everyone stays at home. More than 1000 people tested for COVID-19 in Panama.

Harrisonburg Man Shot and Killed After Standoff

Harrisonburg man was shot and killed after a police chase and standoff. John Ross II and his female passenger stole a box truck, and lead police on a slow police chase. John then got out of the vehicle, and pointed his gun at officers, forcing them to fire at him. The female was arrested after being released from the hospital.

Drama unfolds in Massanutten Resort

State police stopped by on the Massanutten resort and gave staff workers a warning. The Massanutten Resort states that the allegations that were given about violating the emergency order were false. The post was all over social media, about the resort conducting non-essential service per COVID-19 restrictions. State Police issued the resort a warning, but no charges were filed.

Masks For Sentara Hospital

A local fabric store has intervened to help the healthcare workers stay protected during the pandemic. "Rag Time Fabrics" in Harrisonburg has put in work to create masks, gowns, and scrubs for workers at RMH.


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