JMU focusing on safe return of players, coaches

Fri May 22 16:16:38 PDT 2020

JMU focusing on safe return of players, coaches

JMU focusing on safe return of players, coaches

Watch WHSV's weather forecast

Watch WHSV's weather forecast

COVID-19 checker

Virginia Health Department has a website where you can take a self-evaluation test to see if you have COVID-19. It will help you know what to do if you have the symptoms of COVID-19.

Town of Shenandoah holds drive-in Memorial Day service

Despite having to cancel all of their Memorial Day Weekend events, the town of Shenandoah was still able to hold a drive-in Memorial Day service to honor fallen heroes.

Recovering after major flood

People in Henry County spent the holiday cleaning up after a powerful flood caused major damage to the county. The flood was so powerful it knocked a home off of its foundation.

COVID-19 pandemic didn't stop many from honoring Memorial Day

The COVID-19 pandemic has made large gatherings impossible, but that did not stop some who took time to remember what Memorial Day is really about.

Taps for the Veterans

Across America, Americans paused with what they were doing at 3 PM today. They took a moment of silence to remember those who have fallen. Following the moment of silence, the song "taps" was played, including here in the Shenandoah Valley.


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