Jupiter changes its apparent motion up in the sky this week

Jupiter will be moving more eastward relative to other objects in the sky.
Jupiter will be moving more eastward relative to other objects in the sky.(NASA)
Published: Nov. 20, 2022 at 11:50 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 21, 2022 at 12:03 AM EST
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(WHSV) - A quiet week coming up as Jupiter ends its retrograde loop, changing its apparent motion up in the sky.


On Thursday, Jupiter will complete its retrograde loop, meaning its apparent position in the sky will change versus other objects. Jupiter was moving more west relative to other objects in the sky as the days progressed. Now it will be moving more east in the sky every night relative to other objects.


This week, we will lose another 10 minutes of daylight. By November 28th, we will be down to 9 hours and 45 minutes of daylight and up to 14 hours and 15 minutes of nighttime. Sunrises will move from 7:03 am to 7:10 am and sunsets will move from 4:58 pm to 4:55 pm.

Daily Sunrise/Sunset Times this week:

Nov 217:03 am4:58 pm9 hrs, 55 mins
Nov 227:04 am4:58 pm9 hrs, 54 mins
Nov 237:05 am4:57 pm9 hrs, 52 mins
Nov 247:06 am4:57 pm9 hrs, 51 mins
Nov 257:07 am4:56 pm9 hrs, 49 mins
Nov 267:08 am4:56 pm9 hrs, 48 mins
Nov 277:09 am4:56 pm9 hrs, 47 mins


DateVisibleMax HeightAppearsDisappears
Mon Nov 21, 6:03 pm5 min26°10° above W14° above NNE
Wed Nov 23, 6:04 pm4 min15°10° above NW10° above NNE


Moon PhasesDate and Time
New MoonNovember 23rd, 5:57 pm
First Quarter MoonNovember 30th, 9:36 am
Full MoonDecember 7th, 11:08 pm
Third Quarter MoonDecember 16th, 3:56 am


Venus: No good view this week. Rises just after sunrise in the east and sets just after sunset in the west. Located very close to the sun in the sky.

Mars: Currently rising around 6 pm in the northeastern sky, in the sky all night, and in the western sky around sunrise.

Jupiter: Located in the east-southeastern sky around sunset and visible most of the night, it sets in the west by around 2 am.

Saturn: Located in the southern sky around sunset and sets around 10:30 pm in the western sky.

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